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Knowledge Management

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The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Veteran Health Administration (VHA) needed design and deployment of an affordable, efficient Integrated Universal eLearning (eL) System. The challenge was to design, create, manage, and deploy a content management (CM), knowledge management (KM), and eL solution for the VHA that would create, identify, collect, map, manage, secure, and promote sharing of intellectual assets through an integrated solution that would enable the VA to share information, raw data, research, templates, and organizational artifacts across (VHA) among its users, partners, and Veterans.


ASG collaborated with input from the designated VA Steering Committee to gather and clarify the details of the needed requirements in order to effectively build and deploy the Knowledge Management / eLearning system. The ASG team authored user stories, use cases, taxonomy creation, and system constraints through interviews, workbooks, and JAD sessions. Our team compiled the findings into a requirements traceability matrix, which was used in working with VA stakeholders to obtain approval to make sure necessary components were built into the Knowledge Management/eLearning system. ASG also utilized an agile-oriented approach to execute requirements gathering in order to better facilitate an incorporated phased system rollout.

The chosen solution was designed and built by ASG to help VHA monitor legislation, regulation, and standards and to promulgate changes throughout the VA by providing a single authoritative source. The integrated Universal Learning System is not only VA compliant, but serves as an example to all of VA of how such a solution can be deployed efficiently and be cost-effective.